Op. 49 – 25 Easy Clarinet Duets


These 25 Easy Duets, like those in my preceding book of Elementary Duets, were meant to provide interesting and musically satisfying material for students still struggling with the basics of playing. It is assumed in this book that the student has already learned all of the notes on the instrument and has gained some confidence in understanding rhythm.

In each duet, the upper part should be taken by the student, the lower part by the teacher. The book progresses in difficulty, and those who make it to the end will have gained both in terms of technique and in the confidence of making the sometimes unexpected harmonic combinations sound correct.

The application of the numerous dynamic and expression marks is at the liberty of the instructor according to the ability of the student. It is the composer's hope that the students will wish to revisit these works for fun and musical enjoyment as their skills progress.

  1. Lonely Circles
  2. Evening
  3. Swinging Lightly
  4. Hunting
  5. Taunting Song I
  6. Taunting Song II
  7. Bartók's Childhood
  8. Cross-hatching
  9. A Love Song
  10. Syncopation
  11. An Engrossing Tale
  12. Reed Flute Boogie (with Bach)
  13. Hoboken Hotcake
  14. Contemplation
  15. Intangible Assets
  16. Russian Folk Song
  17. An Old Theme
  18. Romance
  19. New Jazzy Turnpike
  20. Chopsticks at Twilight
  21. Carlo's Plea
  22. Internet Trolls
  23. Growing
  24. Grown
  25. Gremlin's Dance