Chamber Symphony

Like Ives, Simon works toward a synthesis of classical forms and the popular material of his era.

Byron Adams, Ithaca Times

In his Concerto for Saxophone and Orchestra, Dr. Simon shows that he is a true artistic heir of Leonard Bernstein, Ned Rorem and Stephen Sondheim, in that he successfully synthesizes something of a populist voice within structures and procedures that are clearly classical in orientation.

John McLaughlin Williams

Despite what you are from Mr. Natural

This song should become a musical classic.

Annette Roman, Ithaca Times

Red and Brown

The music, arranged and composed by Mark Simon, is so vibrant that it is another character in the play. Ranging from sharp and loud to gently soothing, the music paints the picture.

Maggie Bell,

Jennie's Will

Mark Simon has written a lively and lyrical score.

Caissa Wilmer, Ithaca Times